What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is the method of placing bets at both an online bookmakers as well as a betting exchange to be able to have a risk-free profit from the free bets which they offer to both new and existing customers.

Many online bookmakers offer free bets, either as a sign-up bonus or to entice existing customers back. It is possible to convert these free bets directly into cash easily and without risk by utilising betting exchanges like BetFair or Smarkets.

Some bookmakers ask you to make a first bet to be entitled to the free bet. However with matched betting you are able to offset this potential loss by opposing (laying) your bet with a betting exchange. Then your free bet is there for the taking and without risk by laying the bet again using the betting exchange.

The procedure is quite simple and we have all you need to get you going. From the latest free bet offers available, to calculating your profits using the bet calculator. Simply go through the matched betting guide and refer to the instructions to begin earning some risk-free cash!

How much money can I make from matched betting?

This all depends on the amount of free bets you take advantage of and the amount of time you commit. At any one time there are almost £2,000 worth of free bets available as a sign-up bonus to new customers across all bookmakers. There are also existing customer offers for a lot of major events like the World Cup.

The main income comes from the free bet sign-up offers, so the initial burst of signing up to these offers, offers the most profit. If you were to take advantage of all free bets initially you could make in excess of £1,000, with a possibility of retaining an income in the low hundreds of pounds on a regular basis by utilising existing customer offers.

What are the risks with matched betting?

There is no risk involved when matched betting is executed correctly by following the matched betting guide. The only chance of risk is when the bets are not calculated and placed correctly.

Luckily, we have you covered, simply follow the instructions in the matched betting guide and use the matched betting calculator to ensure you're betting the correct amounts to make a profit.

How do I calculate a matched bet

Calculating a matched bet can become a little complex, as you need to calculate the losses from odds and commission from both bookmakers to see how much profit remains.

It is much simpler to use the matched betting calculator to calculate these numbers for you.

What are free bet offers?

They are the promotional offers advertised by bookmakers to new and existing customers. Usually offering a set amount to bet freely once a certain criteria is met.

The bookmaker will usually require a customer to make an initial bet with their own money to take advantage of the free bet being offered.

What is a betting exchange?

A betting exchange is similar to a traditional bookmaker where you can place bets on sporting events, but they also offer the option of setting your own bets, making you the bookmaker. You set your bets and users can choose to take up your bets. Betting exchanges are what make matched betting possible, as you can offset the losses from bets you make with a traditional bookmaker by setting a lay bet with a betting exchange.

Note: Betting exchanges will usually charge a commission on the bets you set.

What is a lay bet?

In matched betting, A lay bet is the process of setting a bet with a betting exchange that opooses a back bet you have placed with a traditional bookmaker. eg; You placed a bet at a bookmakers for England to win, so you would place a lay bet at a betting exchange for England to not win.

Lay bets are what make matched betting possible, to enable the ofsetting of potential losses made with back bets at a bookmakers.

What is a back bet?

A back bet is a standard bet you would make at most online bookmakers, you would back England to win by placing a bet.

What does SNR (stake not returned mean)?

A stake not returned bet, is where you will only take the winnings for the bet and not have the stake you placed returned. Some bookmakers will return your stake as well as the winnings, it is always important to check what the conditions are when placing a bet.

The free bets section displays whether a free bet offer has the stake returned or not.